james e. dyekman - artist


James Dyekman has achieved international recognition
for his accuracy and more importantly, the vitality of his work.
Every subject is studied for its individuality.

Commissioned artwork gives you the ability to make
a dream come true . . . your ideal image.
A customized painting tells your story
in a unique and individual way.

Cameras capture an object, but a painting adds another level
of expression to the subject. The result can be astounding.
It may exaggerate to make a point, reflect on the past,
look to the future or even create a reality
that exists only in one's imagination.
It is original, conceptual, symbolic as well as realistic.

Whether your painting is for your own personal enjoyment,
a gift for a special friend or relationship,
or used as part of your marketing campaign,
your input is critical to achieve the correct results.
Personality details help your painting come alive.

"Taking a very professional approach to work,
I spend a great deal of time with my subjects
observing, photographing and sketching.
Black and white 'theme' sketches are often followed
by color variations and/or detailed anatomy studies.
I work from my own photos and on-site visits.
You are involved in and approve every stage."

Some artists can sit down and just be happy with
whatever happens. I don't leave unanswered questions
for my clients or myself before the final work begins.
The magic is in the beauty of the painting,
not in surprises or pretty accidents.
You and I must be happy with the final painting.
. . . as a work of art.

Every individual is unique,
and every painting has it's own
special purpose and place.
A specific quote will be given based on the
essential elements of your needs:
simple head and shoulder;
multiple views;
complex or specific backgrounds;
or multiple portraits in one painting
are just a few of the possibilities.

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